The Story of Monfrini Pellami

Since 1898, four generations have been keeping up with the developments in the leather market with an outstanding success both in Italy and all over the world. As one of the leading companies in the Italian fashion market, Monfrini Pellami s.r.l. specializes in supplying first quality leather for leathergoods, footwear and leather accessoires. Our Company is located in Milan, the most important Italian city in the world when it comes to fashion. This is the reason why we have always eagerly observed and enthusiastically re-interpreted new trends in order to develop new materials , colours, patterns that have very often resulted in bestsellers worldwide. The product range includes many different items finished for small and big leathergoods, handbags, suitcases, wallets, belts, shoes etc. We can also provide our customers with personalized items that come in the thickness and the finishing they like best.

The Success of Monfrini Pellami

Our success on both the domestic and the foreign market also depends on our attention to the customer satisfaction: we take care of our customers by making a full inspection of each leather item before shipment. Hence we can guarantee top quality products and create a worldwide awareness of the “Made in Italy” quality. The output of Monfrini Pellami s.r.l. is very extensive, ranging from split to full grain , from pigmented to polyurethane finishing, from chrome to vegetable tanned, thus satisfying all needs in the leathergoods market, which might range from classic to sporting goods , from the plain to the embossed , from the most economical to the most prestigious ones. We like our customers and friends to think our Company as a bridge towards to the future , where stylists and technicians continuously research and develop our precious products.